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This form is required for official enrollment in Quest Music Programs and is your time stamp for the waiting list if seats are exhausted. We are operating blended program offerings; in-person as COVID-19 protocols permits and remote online virtual programming, which will be ongoing. You can also download and print the Registration application for snail mail or email.  Program descriptions at bottom of page!

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  • You can also mail a check or money order payable to Quest Youth Organization to PO Box 26724 Brooklyn, NY 11202


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Current Programs

  • New Stars In The Music Galaxy
    • A beginner/intermediate curriculum based music program offering theoretical, instrumental and vocal studies in music; providing academic enhancement, life skills training, self-discipline, character and social development.
  • Q City Soundz Stage Band
    • An intermediate/advanced competitive performing musical ensemble dedicated to preserving jazz improvisation techniques while teaching a plethora of musical genres which are socially relevant to our youth. The ensemble engages in creating original interdisciplinary (video, dance, music) performance works. Also providing academic enhancement, life skills training, self-discipline, character and social development.
  • Young Musicians In Training (YMIT)
    • A program that trains high school and college student musicians to teach music to Quest participants. YMIT interns receive professional development training and an hourly stipend for their teaching services;YMITPageHeaderPicture340x185
  • The Melvin D. Thompson Master Musician Scholarship (Read More)
    • A unique opportunity to impact a deserving student’s career journey through a priceless exchange with a noted professional on an intense, rigorous and ongoing basis. Upon completion of the scholarship work, the student will exhibit a musical proficiency that makes him/her a superior college and/or conservatory professional audition candidate.
  • M³-Music Mentoring Matches
    • In development
  • Quest Unlimited
    • In development

Wrap Around Services

  1. Study Artist Curriculum:  (Read More)
  2. Performance Opportunities: Quest provides practical applications through performance opportunities for the ensemble at local community schools, theaters, special events, outdoor festivals and open talent competitions.
  3. Mentoring Sessions: An on-site coaching program in which participants receive support (advice and guidance) assisting them in achieving personal and/or professional goals. Selected participants are matched with professional adult musicians, music scholars, educators, lawyers and/or entertainment industry administrators.
  4. Financial Literacy: Students learn how to create a budget, live within their means and the difficulties of financial debt.
  5. Community Service: A yearly hands-on service learning project for youth to experience philanthropy at work.
  6. Quest Newsletter: A writing and designing publication class where participants report on events that occur within the organization for dissemination to the community and beyond.

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