It is with honor that we officially acknowledge the naming of Quest’s “Master Musician Training Scholarship Award” in memoriam for the late Mr. Melvin D. Thompson. With this naming, he will continue to be remembered as a pillar of the community, a disseminator of African Culture and achievements, a philanthropic contributor, a business visionary, husband and father.

This is a wonderful and unique opportunity to impact a deserving student’s career/journey with a priceless exchange with a noted professional on an intense, rigorous and ongoing basis. The objective is to impact the student’s current performance level such that upon completion of the scholarship work, the student exhibits a musical proficiency that makes him/her a superior college/conservatory and professional audition candidate on the instrument of their choice. Students will meet once a week for one and a half hours one on one with the noted professional master teacher at Quest rehearsal location. The content of the sessions will include four hours of exam and performance/jury; also a strong emphasis will be placed on music history and functional piano playing for aspiring professional artists. Students are awarded by the quality of the application, submitted anonymously to the Board by the Executive Director and determined by a majority vote of Quest Board members.


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