Great News, Voting Has Been Extended to February 27, 2021

Hello Participants, Alumni Members (Q City Soundz and/or the Drum Corps), MS 61 Students, Families, Friends, Supporters and Stake Holders, We Are in Need of Your Support! If you are a youth (or a parent/guardian with youth) ages 9 to 24 years of age and live in the five boroughs, you are eligible to vote for our project. Please help them register and vote for our “Young Musicians In Training” program to help us secure a $20,000 grant for the program!

Just follow the instructions…………….Go to

  2. Click register for an account, then either by NYC ID on the left or EMAIL on the right
  3. Click on the voting button
  4. Check out our project “Young Musicians In Training” and vote for at least 2 projects

Updated CEC Flyer 4x8

The dramatic impact Quest has on the lives of its students is most evident for those who have been part of our family the longest. These students, over half remained in the program for close to 5 years, credit Quest for the care and nurturing they needed to develop a high sense of self-confidence and skill sets. As a result, Quest students remain an integral part of the Quest family and return to perform, teach and/or mentor on a continual basis.

Arts in Education engages students of all ages, teachers, parents and community members in educational arts experiences in a full range of arts disciplines, including digital, literary, performing and visual arts.

Teamwork words and colorful paper dolls

Click here for the new online registration form on Program Page 2020-21 program year