Below are a few media files of the FY 2020 COVID-19 program year highlighting our Youth Engagement Project.  Through our weekly discussions, we were able to engage 100% of our youth leaders, 95% of our students, and several community members in meaningful dialogue. We connected the early R&B and Funk music our students studied and performed, to the social, economic, and racial issues specifically faced by the black community in the present day.  As a facilitator and participant of the discussions, I witnessed our youth sharing their beliefs, making discoveries, and asking questions to respectfully challenge the opinions of the other attendees. Our junior high school and high school participants really showed out! They eloquently expressed their concerns about the impact social justice and virtual learning had on them this past year. Naturally, our discussions involved participants sharing action items they sought necessary for them and their community to forge a better future. Participants showed their ability to have meaningful debates as contributing members of society.  Our discussions successfully proved our youth have great ideas and are ready to organize and take part in necessary global change.

Video montage….

Round table discussions….

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