All travelers on the many roads to success in life owe much to those who have gone before them. All roads have been made that much more clear by the feet of those who have walked them in the past. New words are founded on old ones.  New ideas are extensions of time-honored thoughts seeking new skin.  Pathfinders, trailblazers and pioneers are merely those who steer off of the common road to track a new one. It is the creations of the past that spur the innovations of tomorrow. We all owe a great debt to our elders and ancestors; those who came before and paved a way.

It is in this light that Quest Youth Organization, a member of Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium (CBJC), institutes the “Upon The Shoulders of our Elders Award”, to be presented by a Quest staff member, at the Youth Jazz Jamboree Competition, sponsored by Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium on the last Saturday of every April at 2pm under the tent at Restoration Plaza.
It is a humble attempt to recognize an elder in whose character, life journey and legacy, we recognize the qualities of innovation, industry and excellence. It is our true honor to recognize these elders for their outstanding contribution to the world of jazz.
Upon the Shoulders of our Elders here


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