Program Categories

General Music Program: A beginner curriculum based music program offering theoretical, instrumental and vocal studies in music; providing academic enhancement through the arts, life skills training, self-discipline, and character and social development.

Q City Soundz: A performing musical ensemble dedicated to preserving jazz improvisation techniques while teaching contemporary rhythm and blues (R&B) which are socially relevant to our youth. The ensemble engages in creating original interdisciplinary (video, dance, music) performance works.

Young Musicians In Training (YMIT): A program that trains high school and college student musicians to teach music to Quest participants. YMIT interns receive professional development training and an hourly stipend for their teaching services;

Master Class Scholarships: A unique opportunity to impact a deserving student's career journey with a priceless exchange with a noted professional on an intense, rigorous and ongoing basis.

Program Activities
Music Appreciation Vocal Sessions Instrument Repair Career Action Plans
Music History Instrumental Sessions Mentoring / Field Trips Video/Photography
Music Theory Ensemble Workshops Leadership Development Audio Engineering
Music Composition Performances Team Building Newsletter / Journalism
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